Sunday, March 25, 2012

in a sea of Trayvon Martin search hits

pardon the font change and the lack of proper punctuation ( i had a person tell me one time they couldnt make it through a poem i wrote because i didnt use capital letters or periods), but i just wanted to share a blurb i wrote that happens to mention trayvon martin. ive purposefully been very silent about the whole issue- not as an indicator of indifference, moreso because i avoid issues of race like elastic-waist, up to your rib cage tapered leg acid wash jeans with no pockets. got the picture? but a friend of mine was so sincere in expressing her heart on the matter that it touched me to respond candidly. in the effort to actually post on my blog, i thought i would share that here. you can read the entire exchange on my facebook timeline- which will point you to her blog (which is great by the way- i fully endorse it:, and then back to my comment on her post. feel free to comment if you like (be prepared for a verbal slap if you personally attack me or my family), or silently read, but either way thanks for seeing what this post was all about.  excerpt as follows:

thanks for posting this [name omitted]. robert (my husband) and i arent exactly sure where we stand with the whole TM thing- we're very fact-based ppl, and since no one can seem to actually nail down the facts..............but a bit about us personally- and hopefully this will speak well of us and not the opposite- we do not readily identify with "things that happen to black people." this may  make us naive, but we are teaching our children not to always turn to race as a means of commonality, not to think that just because someone has the same color skin as them that they are alike, and certainly just because they don't doesnt mean theyre not alike. what bothers me in cases like this- is that ppl are so quick to try and insight a racial uprising. i mean what happened to that young man is horrible and punishable, but that's because his aggressor committed a crime- not bc he was black. sidebar: and the people the most committed to the notion that black ppl are being oppressed here were born after the civil rights movement, end sidebar.  i personally think that we just need to get past the concept of race altogether, it was conceived in ignorance and will remain until it is no longer discussed, its lineage needs to be killed off lol- like ppl that double-cross the mob in movies, their entire family is murdered and never spoken of again. that's what we need to do with the classification of "race." and while im on the subject (and because i know you wont take it the wrong way lol), i just love it (suuuuper sarcasm) when ppl start a sentence with "im not racist, i..." and they proceed to name ppl they associate with that they do not perceive to be like them. if they perceived those they're about to call out as being "like them", they would just as soon not say anything at all. when i talk about my friends, i dont say "my white friends," or "my latino friends," theyre all friends to me i dont bother with the classification- hopefully my children will see that as they grow up, and adopt the same blindness for skin pigment. 

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